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Recycling of spent catalysts

         LTD. "INRAMTECH" has developed highly integrated recycling technologies of spent catalysts containing the compounds of rare and non-ferrous metals: vanadium*), molybdenum*), tungsten, nickel*), cobalt, manganese, chromium*), cerium*), and other rare-earth metals, etc. During the recycling catalysts process (recovery of valuable metals), the following commercial products: oxides of metals of high purity: 99.9-99.99% by weight are forming, or other compounds - at the request of the Customer, as well as other commodity (side) products. 

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 Developed by LTD. "INRAMTECH" spent catalysts recycling technologies have the following characteristics

  • Type: carbonate, carbonate-alkaline.
  • The target metal (s) extraction degree not below: 95-99%. 
  • High purity products formed in the process of disposal: 99.9-99.99%. 
  • High specific productivity. 
  • High profitability. 
  • Low disposal cost.
  • Low material costs for technology implementation.

Examples of technologies for the utilization of certain types of spent catalysts:

  1. Waste molybdenum catalyst disposal technology for producing styrene and polyester resins.
  2. Waste iron-molybdenum catalyst technology disposal for the production of paint and varnish.
  3. Waste cerium catalyst disposal technology for the petrochemical industry.
  4. Spent chromium catalyst disposal technology for the petrochemical industry.
  5. Spent vanadium catalysts disposal technology of for the petrochemical industry.
  6. Spent nickel catalyst disposal technology for oilorgsynthesis.

      LTD. "INRAMTECH" will develop and implement spent catalysts recycling technology, at a new or existing industrial site taking into account the characteristics of your existing raw materials, needs for expansion of product lines through the production of rare metals, as well as strategies dealing with industrial waste.