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Chromium spent catalyst waste recycling technology for petrochemical industry.

  Operating chromium catalysts used in the petrochemical industry, mainly containing  chromium as Cr (VI) - is one of the most toxic. 

     LTD. "INRAMTECH" hasdeveloped "The chromium catalysts waste recycling extraction technology" for effective toxic waste neutralization (disposal): which allows to remove chromium of the given types waste up to MPC and return the recovered chromium in the form of conditional compounds Cr (VI).            

The technologyhas the followingadvantages:

  • Ability to extract Cr (VI) and Cr (III) to the MAC level.
  •  Transition of Cr (III) to a water-soluble single step Cr (VI) without the autoclaves at atmospheric pressure and at low 70oC temperature.
  • The possibility of the target component concentration in the tens and hundreds of times: increasing the concentration of Cr (VI) in aqueous solutions from 0.01 g/l to 50-100 g/l without evaporation.
  • Using circulating reactants in recycle. Loss of reagents: 3-5%
  • Low reagent consumption. 
  • Using standard tools of carbon steel.
  • Removing the chromium from solutions and solid wastes:                                                                    - Cr (VI): 99,9-99,99%;                                                                                                        - Cr (III): 99,5-99,8%.
  • The possibility of obtaining basic commodity products, in the form of the following chromium compounds:                                                                                                                          - mono-chromate potassium or sodium;                                                                              - potassium dichromate or sodium;                                                                                    - CrO3;                                                                                                                                - Cr2O3.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       The JSC "Nizhnekamskneftekhim"chromium catalyst waste disposal process characteristics:

  • Scope: The catalyst for petrochemical plants (JSC "Nizhnekamskneftekhim").
  • Type: Solid sludge (fine powder).  
  • The chromium content waste: (Cr (VI)) 2.2%, based on metal.
  • The chromium extraction degree (Cr (VI)) from wastes: 99.98% by weight.
  • The chromium recovered compounds purity, not less: 99.9-99.99% wt.
  • Low production cost of the catalyst recycling.
  • High profitability.
  • Environmental security: No toxic emissions into the environment.

          LTD. "INRAMTECH" will develop and implement spent catalysts recycling technology, taking into account the characteristics of your existing raw materials needs for expansion of product lines through obtaining common metals, as well as strategies to deal with industrial waste at a new or existing industrial site.