Intensification of Rare-metal Technologies





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On the company

    LTD. "INRAMTECH" is a scientific-engineering company established in 2008 aimed to commercial implementation of new, unique products and extraction technologies from industrial waste and natural mineral resources of rare and non-ferrous metals, as well as for the production of innovative nanomaterials based on them.

         LTD. "INRAMTECH" specializes in the following areas

I. Production of nanomaterials.

   1. Nanoscale and fine oxides particles of rare and non-ferrous metals.      

II. Developing and applying new technologies.

    1.  Integrated hydrometallurgical processing of natural and man-made mineral raw materials con-taining compounds of non-ferrous and rare metals: scandium, yttrium, lanthanum and other lantha-nides, zirconium, tantalum, niobium, hafnium, vanadium, tungsten, nickel, cobalt and manganese.

   2. Comprehensive utilization of petrochemical and chemical industries catalysts.

   3. Disposal of toxic industrial wastes containing chromium compounds.

     The implementing technological solutions and synthesized nanomaterials are the products of its own development "know-how", thereby providing our customers with a full qualified technological support and technology maintenance at the implementation and operation stage, as well as consistent quality and guaranteed nanomaterials delivery from the direct supplier.