Intensification of Rare-metal Technologies





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Technology development

54004086__2     Technogenic waste of mining and processing, smelters, refineries and processing enterprises of natural mineral raw materials contain millions of tons of valuable metals in high enough concentrations worthy highly profitable processing and use as secondary raw materials. 

 The only problem that is preventing the processing of man-made waste, - the lack of efficient technologies for their processing and extraction of precious metals (recycling). Unfortunately, the accumulation rate of anthropogenic waste is much higher than the rate of appearance of scientific breakthroughs in the field of recycling metals.

       LTD. "INRAMTECH" specializes in development and implementation of high-performance, ecologically free and highly profitable technologies for complex processing of industrial waste and minerals containing rare and some non-ferrous metals

Technologies of LTD. INRAMTECH”:

  • Multiplies the economic efficiency of industrial production of rare and non-ferrous metals, providing more in-depth, maximum waste-free processing of natural minerals. 
  • Reduce the import dependence and increase profitability due to multiple use of natural resources.
  • Solve ecological problems, associated with industrial pollution, toxic waste, damage to the entire ecosystem and health due to the involvement of industrial waste in the production as a secondary raw material.

Basic technologies of LTD. “INRAMTECH” are:

  • Carbonate (acid-free) technology with recycling technological solutions.
  • Carbonate-fluoride (acid-free) technological solutions for recycling technologies 
  • Acid technology with recycling (Reflux) technological solutions. 
  • Technological processes enabling technologies intensification (including mechanochemical, Ultrasound), etc.
  • Extraction technologies using the binary and synergentic  extractants

 The above techniques may be used either singly or in combination with each other to reduce the consumption of reagents, reducing the duration of the production cycle, reducing power consumption and improving the efficiency and profitability of the production in general.